In August 2008 Adelaide Ice Service opened our new plant in Regency Park.
Our Bag sizes are 5kg and 10kg. 5kg is by far the most popular size in Australia with 95% of retail ice sold in South Australia being the 5kg bags. Our 10kg bag is suitable for primary producers, fisherman and food manufactures who need bulk ice for cooling their product quickly. Customers buy this bag as it offers the best value. We outsell all our competitors by 10 times due to our service and bag size.
We can supply the most modern and energy efficient Australian made ice cabinets to your site. These are supplied at no charge and are serviced regularly by Adelaide Ice, again at no charge to the customer.

Adelaide Ice Service is proactive in replenishing customers ice cabinets we increase our delivery frequency to all our clients during the peak season eliminating the possibility of out of stock situations.

Adelaide Ice is the largest Ice Manufacturer to the Adelaide Metropolitan area. If service matters to you then we are only a telephone call away.

Adelaide Ice accepts payments via Cash, Account & Credit Card over the phone.